Youth News

Hello FUMC Family!!

I hope this finds you well!  How about a dose of normalcy and nostalgia with a FUMC Youth Top 5 List??

1.  We have a tentative green light to resume youth activities!!  You can imagine the joy that sprung up in my heart when we got this news!  Beginning June 2, we will be clear to resume activities given that we can keep our distance and adhere to some additional guidelines.  Be on the lookout for an updated list of detailed policies and procedures in the next week.  Rest assured, we have a safe plan, and will do more than our part to abide by the guidelines we’ve been given.

2.  Be on the lookout for a brand new and updated Summer Calendar!  We’ve thrown out the old and are looking forward to the new.  Our theme this summer will be Family Reunion.  It’s my prayer that the separation we’ve been through will help us realize how much we need each other.  We’ll spend the summer looking at the Family of God and what it means to be a part of it.

3.  The first gathering we’ll have will be our mid-week Summer Bible Study.  This year we’re changing up what that looks like.  High Schoolers will meet at 12:12 for Bible Study on Wednesdays and Middle Schoolers will meet at 6 p.m. for what we’ll be calling “Middle School Hang.”  These gatherings will begin Wednesday, June 3.

4.  On Sundays, we’ll continue with our plan for our Summer Sundays.  We’ll have fun events each week designed for outreach (in a socially distant way).  These gatherings will begin on June 7.

5.  This summer will definitely be different than those in the past.  We still have somewhat of a moving target when it comes to certain things we can and can’t do.  One of those moving targets is mission trips.  I’ve kept a close relationship with our Atlanta mission partners through this all so that I could pray for them and be available to help them.  I anticipate that we may be able to do an abbreviated trip to Atlanta to serve our friends at some point this summer as well as our 2nd Mile Mission Week at the end of the summer.  For now, I can’t give you solid dates.  It may be that we just offer the trip when/if we get the green light and take whoever can go.  I know this is less than ideal, but there are SO many variables going into these plans this summer.  So, be on the lookout.

That’s all for now
There’s light at the end of the tunnel
God looks good on y'all